New chapters.

This kid. He's off to four year old kindy next week.  Four days per week, & four hour sessions for each of those four days.  This will be - by far - the longest we've ever been away from each other, & although I've joked regularly about how tough it is to work-from-home whilst … [Read More...]


How Stella got her friends back.

  So last week - ish - I blogged about how I didn't think I'd been the best kinda friend to my friends in 2014. Hol. Y. Sh*t. That one post? 21,000 views.  90-something comments.  Mostly beautiful ones, whose responses were either … [Read More...]


The game changers of 2014.

2014 was beautiful, but tough, but beautiful, ... but tough. There have been things going on behind-the-scenes here that I only wish I could have come here to blog/ventilate about (had I seriously not had any form of filter, which I do), however … [Read More...]


How to know when you’re done.

... making humans, that is. Today I am over at Mother & Baby Magazine talking about knowing when you're done.  Y'know, ... havin' babies. Me? I am so deliriously happily done.   Feel free to read me ... or not! ... Photography by my … [Read More...]

Max 4th Birthday Party 07.12.14 - 0139

These are the golden days.

It's easy to complain about sleep deprivation, & the work-from-home Mama juggle, & the multiple times per day toddler sh*t fights, & the whole feeling like you have about 0.000001% time to yourself per month, & the profound level of … [Read More...]


Me & all o’ my friends.

I'll be the first to admit, I've taken a bit of a beating in the last fortnight.  I'm not going to elaborate much on that, because let's be honest ... I'm not really up for taking a beating here either (ha!), but this then catapults me into that … [Read More...]


Wednesday Stills. The Christmas edition.

Dave & I alternate who we spend Christmas with annually.  So, one year it'll be his side of the family, & the next? Mine.  Christmas just gone was his family's Christmas, so I decided to invite my Nan & my Aunt over to my place for … [Read More...]


Let’s talk about 2014.

This one has been doing the rounds, courtesy of Maxabella Loves, & I can't help but think it's a bloody nice way to review 2014! Thanks Bron! ... 1. What word do you think best summed up 2014? It sounds cliche, but it'd have to be … [Read More...]


Annual leave.

I’ve been on annual leave from December 20th until this morning. God it was good. So good, just so good. I was really burnt out, & the hilarious thing is that I didn’t even know that I was burnt out until I just … stopped. Stopped working. … [Read More...]

Max 4th Birthday Party 07.12.14 - 0038

Super Max is FOUR.

I asked him who he would like to invite to his fourth birthday? His response? "um.  Just everybody from my kindy please Mummy". Right. So we sent invites out, & let everyone know the venue would be at the local park a couple of doors down … [Read More...]

Happy fourth birthday, Superman.

... This video was made by a fellow kindy Mama friend, Gerlee from Kids Video Portraits - My Favourite Things. Her & her talented husband have just launched this incredible videography idea, & they have a special introductory price of $199 … [Read More...]


The working Mama juggle.

My name is Cherie.  I am 31-years-old.  I have a 4-year-old son, & I have a 16-month- old daughter.  I work from home full-time.  I manage my own digital media consultancy business part-time.  And then I also study a Bachelor of Business majoring … [Read More...]


I’m talkin’ Kidspot top 5.

I went to the Kidspot Voices of 2014 gala ball on Saturday night, & had an ab.solute hoot! From the beginning, I truly did think that the very first e-mail letting me know I’d made the top 100 Australian bloggers was actually a mistake, so you … [Read More...]


Making money by, … not making money.

I started this little blog when Max was 7 months old.  There were so many reasons why I felt like I both wanted & needed to blog, but I guess it all primarily came down to the fact that I actually just love to write.  I mean, if I didn’t like to … [Read More...]


Surrendering to mess.

I’ve lived out of home since I was 17, maybe 18 years old? And it’s not that life with my Dad was even bad, or warranted leaving home that young, it’s just that I’m, well … fiercely independent.  I always have been, & I likely always will be, … [Read More...]