Radio silence.

I’ve been radio silent lately.  Entirely unintentionally really, … but I’ve really just not been enjoying the internet, actually.  And so that’s just had me craving a whole lot o’ offline, as opposed to online. Perhaps it’s because I kinda work for the internet, well … the social media part of … [Read More...]


Today I went & bought myself a Mum. Look, I can mostly get through this Mothering gig as a Motherless Mother, but it’s when I get sick that I really feel it. And now I’m riddled with flu, & tonsillitis, & conjunctivitis, & all of … [Read More...]



Max’s first birthday? Wa-hay-haaaaay too over the top.  I guess we were just so chuffed that we’d made it through the first twelve months of parenting, & managed to come out alive, … & so we subsequently invited every Tom, Dick & Harry to … [Read More...]



I’m not going to say that I can’t believe you are one, & how the last year has flown, because the truth is, … when you woke every forty-five minutes overnight for five months straight? I really actually did believe that we were in some kind of … [Read More...]


Where for art thou, mojo?

It would appear that I’ve lost my mojo.  As in, all of the mojo’s; my Mama mojo, my wifey mojo, my cooking mojo, my cleaning mojo, my writing mojo, my photo takin’ mojo, … all of the mojo’s that make me, well, … me.  I’m really tired, just … … [Read More...]


How Stella got her groove back.

I’m actually almost scared to even say it, but, ahem, … I’ve been finding a tiny smidge of groove lately??? Now, when I say I’ve found a tiny smidge of groove, I mean it’s literally the tiniest glimmer of groove.  Actually it’s not even that, it’s … [Read More...]


Things I learned in Adelaide.

I’ve just got back from what was supposed to be a three week working holiday in Adelaide.  It’s funny though, because as it turns out I was barely able to get anywork done & the “holiday” ended up feeling more like the opposite of, actually.  Two … [Read More...]


Life with 11 month old you.

You're 11 months old today.  You marked your last day of 10 months old by walking for the first time here in Adelaide! You've been standing up, scaling furniture, & taking little steps for a month's now, so I knew fully fledged walking was right … [Read More...]


Recovering from early parenthood.

I'm sorry for the radio silence on the blog. I've rather spontaneously jetted off to Adelaide with the two kids while Dave ploughs through the final leg of his 90 hour working weeks, courtesy of end of June 30.  Every year, it actually feels like … [Read More...]


The almost one year old. And the year that was.

In less than 8 weeks, … Frankie will be one.  One whole year old?! I refuse to do what every Mummy blogger seems to do around the time that their babies turn one, & tell you all about how I am so entirely sure I only gave birth to her yesterday?! … [Read More...]


Digital media editing.

A little while ago, I promised you I’d write a post about a day in the life of a digital media editor.  And then whadd’ya know? My actual paid social media editing role went & got in the way of my being able to sitdown & post about it, ha! … [Read More...]


End of June 30 induced solo parenting.

Well hi there, & welcome to my house of shame. I actually live in this house, I also work-from-home from it full-time, & then I also raise two kids 24/7 here too.  But the mess? Holy sh*t, that mess, well ... you'd only even need … [Read More...]


Stills. {the end of June 30 collection}.

// a visit from my beloved friend Marie on yet another solo parenting night, & the über clingy Frankie finally succumbs to Aunty Marie's lovin' arms.  For those that know Mama lovin' Frankie, you'll know that's no easy feat! // goodnight, … [Read More...]


Stills. {the … life lately edition}

// Max was invited to his little friend's 3rd birthday, & picked out his favourite kindy painting to wrap his present with. // He learnt how to spell his name this week, thanks to these fridge magnets.  He can also spell 'dad', 'hi', & … [Read More...]


Parenting induced coma.

It feels like it’s been a little while since parenting has reduced me to real tears.  And when I say ‘a little while’, what I mean is, oh I dunno … 2’ish weeks or so? But that’s more than a little while in work-from-home parenting land, let me tell … [Read More...]