Frankie's First Birthday Party 03-08-2014 -  0068

I met my now husband thirteen years ago in a seedy little bar in the Western suburbs of Melbourne.  I was bartending my way through my university studies, he was drinking his way through a recent football premiership victory.  We spoke, he immediately stopped drinking & switched to ice cold water on the rocks, & then he took a seat at the end of my bar & dedicated the rest of his night to helping me study for an exam I had the next day (in between my serving patrons, of course).  

He’s been my lover + my best friend ever since.

I work in digital media management, & manage the social media over at Down That Little Lane.  I also co-own a digital media consultancy The Digital Picnic.  I absolutely love what I do, & I really can’t imagine myself doing anything else.  I love that I get to work with fellow creatives, I love the fast paced, I love the strategy, I love how my job keeps me permanently on my toes, & I love that I get to work from home full-time & around my children’s schedules.

We have just moved from the outer Western suburbs of Melbourne to a new (incredibly old) home in Melbourne’s inner west.  

We became a family 9 months + 14 days after we were married.  Our son was fourteen days overdue.  Feel free to do the math.  And we have now very recently welcomed our daughter Frankie Jean to our family.  

So, I keep this little blog where I chronicle our lives.  I do this because whilst I can’t take photographs, I can string a couple of words together.  And I guess I whole-heartedly believe my family might just be grateful for my efforts one day.

I answered a series of the most frequently asked questions I receive via this blog in this post here.  I know, an FAQ post, how arrogant.  Not my intention.