Stills // {the Easter collection} // week 16

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1 // on the other side of that door are some of this little 3 year old’s favourite people, a.k.a Nanna Shaz + Pa.

2 // … the apple of Pa’s eye.

3 // My Aunt.  Filling the void in my Motherless Mothering journey more & more with each new day.

4 // My Dad.  Arrives, immediately takes the 24/7 hip baby off my hips, & then entertains the 3 year old.  Bless.

5 // Finally got a chance to frame this tea towel, & hang this flower vase.  Only took 8′ish months.

6 // I love how he loves my children.

7 // The very moment he realised the Easter Bunny had been.  Cue stunned silence.

8 // Let the 6.30am Easter egg hunt begin! … sorry neighbours!

9 // Clutching to her beloved Pa & her brand new bunny, whilst taking in Max’s Easter egg huntin’.

10 // The Easter bunny brought her this sweet little jacket.  He scored 20% off too! That frugal little bunny.

11 // Two little Easter bums perusing Max’s Easter egg haul.

12 // This is what Pa taking a shower looks like, i.e his #1 fan waiting not-so-patiently right outside the door.

13 // The fam.

14 // Easter lunch.

15 // Max’s place at the table, complete with custom banner.  Naw!

16 // Easter cupcakes by my clever Aunt.

17 // Good company, good food, beer, wine, & laughter.

18 // My Aunt.  Describes our children as “the great joys of her life”.

19 // Handsome husbuendo is handsome.

20 // These two.

21 // What is it about Daddies & tipping infant children upside down?

22 // Frankie & her great Nan.

23 // The happiest 3 year old in all the lands, being chased by his beloved Pa (in a monster mask, no less).

24 // Uh, Dad? You were meant to read the grandson to sleep, … not the son-in-law.

25 // And when they left, they left a temporary hole in the heart of this 3 year old boy.

I’m joining in with Em from The Beetle Shack in her weekly stills collection.


  1. absolutely s t u n n i n g

    beautiful photography essay


  2. Beautiful captures! Every time I see a photo of your Dad he seems to look younger! Maybe his perpetually happy face keeps him that way?! I love the way Max loves him. :)

    • Raising Master Max says:

      ha! Dad’ll be so happy to read this, because Max crushed him with his brutal 3 year old honesty & said “Pa, you’ve got old hair”, ha!

      But yes, that happy face of his is the best!

      Max worships the actual ground that he walks on :)


  3. What lovely family pics. They captures such a joyous time in your home. Im always amazed at the bond between Max and your Dad especially considering they dont see each other that can actually feel the love :) xx

    • Raising Master Max says:

      Thank you so much!

      Distance doesn’t seem to effect their bond at all, the love just … mannnnn, it’s honestly something else! :)

      I guess with kids? You get out what you put in, & my Dad invests a lot when he’s here :)


  4. There is so much to love about this post! The photos tell a beautiful and great story, well done xx

  5. Beautiful pictures! A bit jealous of that tea towel and vase!
    I love seeing bigger little ones in onesies, I plan to keep my bub in them for as long as he fits into them :)

  6. I LOVE all these photos … but #9 … Oh my word, what a capture! I keep going back and looking at it.

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