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1 // Marry the guy who, despite being the sickest I’ve seen him in the 13 or so years that I’ve known him, still insists on taking the kids to the park.  I absolutely need to make this photo my screensaver, & look at it whenever Dave & I argue to remind myself that he is an incredibly good person.

2 // End of term 1 of 3 year old Kindergarten.  Hang up the bag, & treasure that first, sweet Easter hat.

3 // End of term 1 of 3 year old Kindergarten day nap.  He never day naps.  Cheers kindy!

4 // Max & Frankie’s first matchy matchy.  A spot of Mini Rodini for Max’s zoo themed 4th birthday.  Yes, it’s in December.  I’m crazy.

5 // School holidays mean watching Frozen for the ga-zillionth time, & some iPad action.  Mother of the year here, folks!

6 // You beautiful kid, you.

7 // Oh hai! I’m Frankie.  I got all the cheeks, & all the chins!

8 // C’mere brother & allow me to use you as my standing post, yet again.  

9 // … those lashes!

10 // Shuddup-a-ya-face.

I’m joining in with Em from The Beetle Shack in her weekly stills collection.

I bloody love my camera.  I have my camera mojo back.  Loving myself sick.


  1. Melanie says:

    Absolutely adorable! Max and Frankie are beautiful. We are loving kindy hols too, sleep ins and slow mornings.
    Ps where/how did you get frozen? My tow are obsessed wit it and ask every day when it’s on “DBD” xx

    • Raising Master Max says:

      “DBD” is ADORABLE! ha!

      We were lucky to have a friend come back from the US with a copy of Frozen, & I’ll be honest, I am ADDICTED to it!

      I have the songs in my head day in, & day out!


  2. Jemima Davison says:


    • Raising Master Max says:

      Thank you!

      P.S drafting up an e-mail to you tomorrow night re: suburbs!

      I’m so EXCITED!

      Would love to meet up IRL :)


  3. Too much cuteness in your house Cherie!

    • Raising Master Max says:

      Way too much. Waaaaay too much.

      I’m a sucker for baby chub, & Frankie brings all the chub to the yard ;)


  4. Ahhh so gorgeous! We have a little miss who insists on Frozen plaits in her hair and runs around the house yelling “let it snoooooow, let it snoooooww” at the top of her lungs :)

    • Raising Master Max says:

      “let it snow”, good lord, I’m dying from the cute, ha!

      I bloody love Frozen! I am actually ADDICTED to all of the songs ;)


  5. You have such an eye for photography, great pics x

    • Raising Master Max says:

      Oh Deb, that is so nice of you! Thank you!

      I don’t really think I have much of an eye, but I’ve been making a real effort to take more quality pics of the kids (& less iPhone snaps) :)


  6. What a joke winning that bed. Are you not the social media editor for DTLL? Who sells their beds? So sick of well known bloggers winning “draws” when all you do is rave on about their products giving them free advertising. Conflict of interest much?

    • Raising Master Max says:


      I entered from my personal FB page, which didn’t even have my surname attached to it.

      Incy don’t know me anyway, but even if they did? I could have been the Queen of England, & they’d have had no idea.

      Sometimes good things just happen to good people, & after the last few months that I’ve had? I think karma just delivered a bucket load of good to me this week.

      Be the better person, & just … don’t be so angry & outraged.

      … you’ll probably live longer for it.

      • Raising Master Max says:

        Oh, & for the record, I along with everyone (including the owner of DTLL) have to pay full price for anything from the site so we too enter competitions for items we can’t afford.

        Also, I can’t say I would call myself a “well known blogger” given the frequency and reach of my blog but thanks all the same for putting me in that bracket.

        I am flattered.

  7. Sorry. That was rude and mean. I didn’t really mean anything by it. Enjoy the bed for Frankie. Your the 4th blogger this week that i know of to win a prize is all just thought it was odd.

    • Raising Master Max says:

      It sucks.

      I agree with you.

      I’m sure there are so many shady situations like the one you described, but honestly? This wasn’t that.

      Incy had NO idea it was me, & even when I called them to give them my address, I didn’t say anything like, “by the way, I blog. Or by the way, I’ve seen your products on Down That Little Lane”.

      I’m not like that.

      If you & I were sitting in a cafe drinking coffee together? You’d probably actually like me (& I you). I’m nice. I’m down to Earth. I’m not rolling in cash. And I was GENUINELY ecstatic to win this bed today.

      Your initial comment hurt, yep. But thank you for apologising. That means a lot.


  8. sorry again xo i feel horrible.

  9. Oh these are so cute Cherie!! Love Frankie’s big smile. :D

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