Long live blogging.


It’s funny, when I started blogging it was purely to document Motherhood, in my words, which would then go on & be gifted to my children one day, … as arrogant as that might even sound.  I mean seriously, my words? A gift?! But what I mean by that is that I just want to write wholesome words about this parenting caper, & document Max & Frankie’s childhoods in words as honest as if I were telling them to my grown children’s faces (which, … because I’ve always lacked any real sense of filter, will always be acutely honest), & then occasionally illustrate those stories with pretty photographs.  I mean, not technically pretty photographs, because when it comes to photography? I’m just that little bit below amateur.  And that’s ok – I don’t strive to be better.  For me, it’s always been about words.  Words that this little space always intends to pass down to my children.  At the risk of sounding even more arrogant, it’s these words that I imagine will perhaps provide a small degree of comfort when my grown children become parents themselves.

Or maybe they won’t, … & that’s cool too.

Three years into this whole blogging caper, & it still primarily remains about the words for those beautiful future grown children o’ mine.  But y’see, then it went & became a little more than that too.  People started reading, & then they started commenting, & then they’d e-mail me, & then I’d e-mail them back, friendships were made, virtual villages were created.  Christ, I even broke my bloggy rule & caught up with people I only knew via blogging.  So, … not at all.  We met first over dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Melbourne, & Dave requested that I text him every thirty minutes to ensure that I hadn’t been entirely hacked up & sold for my bodily organs, or something.  As it turns out, my iPhone battery went completely dead on my way to the restaurant, & then true to my initially painfully shy style, I felt too embarrassed to ask these brand new ‘friends’ if I could borrow their phones just to let Dave know I had arrived, that I was alive & well, & that I was not in the company of serial killers posing as ‘Mummy bloggers’.

It took Dave three whole days to forgive me, which in Davey Boy land is a flipping long time.  The guy doesn’t have a grudge holding bone in his body, but then knowing that your wife was driving out to meet a group of people she only knew online, & then not hearing from her at all? Well … yea, I probably deserved every one of those three whole days of completely silent silent treatment.  That said, I’d say it was entirely worth it though, because some of the girls that I met that night have gone on to become some of the most incredible friends.

Blogging still remains to be about documenting my Mothering journey, & aspects of my children’s childhoods (albeit, filtered & carefully considered aspects), but then it’s also gone on to become so much more than that.  Mostly though? It’s my virtual village when the sometimes lonely nature of working-from-home with very young children starts to feel just a teensy tiny bit too isolative, … & lonely.

I can come here, tap out a post & say, “hey there.  It’s just little old me.  I’m here.  It’s been three days since I’ve had a shower.  I haven’t managed breakfast before 3pm this week.  I might even smell.  My hair is a little greasy.  But I’m here, & I’m raising my children”, & then people respond! Women, men, … parents. 

And then suddenly? These early parenting years, with their sometimes isolative nature, & their far-too-many lonely days? Well, they suddenly don’t feel so isolative & lonely any more.

Viva la blogging, … & all that jazz.


Photography by Lecinda Ward Photography who photographed our family here.


  1. Oh here, here. Blogging found me you.. for just that I could not love it more but it has delivered time and time again.. the on line space in itself is an amazing eye opener to me x

    • Raising Master Max says:

      I know I speak about a lot of pinching, but … I still actually can not believe that a little old blog could lead me to you, & DTLL, & the subsequent complete change in career that most women would only dream about.

      Lots of pinching.


      x x x

  2. Reannon says:

    I love that people like you give me a village! I’ve iften thought about starting a blog purely to start my own village as I’m one if those people who’s mind never shuts up & with not much grown up interaction there’s no place for those thoughts to escape! So people like you, places like this are a life saver- thanks for that Chez xxx

    • Raising Master Max says:

      DO IT Reannon!

      I love my village, & I find blogging is therapeutic for busy minds like mine (& yours!) :)


  3. A post you wrote and linked up with Bron’s 52 weeks of Grateful gave me the push to finally hit publish on my blog Cherie! Two years on now :) Love your words, your honesty and your space here. And your photo taking skills are much better than you give them credit for!! Xx

    • Raising Master Max says:

      You’re KIDDING Elisa?!

      That’s incredible!

      I actually can’t believe it!

      I’m so glad you hit publish – sure, there are some small yucky things about blogging (like people who disagree – which is fine – but do so in the most crude way), but that’s absolutely a minor thing when you compare to the advantages of blogging, which for me, is all about the virtual village.

      I adore it.


  4. Awesomely written, Cherie! It’s great isn’t it? And by the way, you are MORE than just an amateur photographer – you are very talented!

  5. I love this post! And I love that you were there by my side when I went to meet other blog mumma’s for the first time for dinner! I was so freaking nervous that I could have almost vomited, but as soon as I stood at your door step and the door opened, and you stood there with your beautiful smiling and friendly face, I instantly felt at ease. x

  6. I love how honest you are with your words! Thanks for sharing yourself with the world.
    I finally started my blog after longing to for so long, and words just like yours are sometimes the biggest encouragement to never give up on a dream.

    Thank you x

  7. It’s amazing the friendships that can build online. I was exactly the same when I first met up with online friends (minus the flat phone and angry husband) and now they are some of my closest friends.

  8. Jane Piercey says:

    I still think our husbands are SO alike… I remember a few years ago I went to pick up some homemade jam from a lady who I’d met through blogging and Mike insisted on sitting outside her house in the car while I went in. After spending 45 minutes chatting to this lovely lady in her kitchen, I came out to find Mike soooo angry (“I didn’t know if she’d chopped you up and turned you into jam, I was about to call the police” etc). I got the silent treatment for days too.

    The photo on this post is STUNNING. You are so beautiful xxx

    • Raising Master Max says:

      I have ALWAYS thought our respective relationships/choice in men/relationship journeys were IDENTICAL Jane!

      Your guy reminds me of Dave in every.single.WAY! ha!

      The jam story? Bloody adorable! And completely something I would do/how Davey boy would react as a result, hahaha!

      I loved seeing your wedding pics go live (I may have been stalking). I said to Lou, “you are actually photographing the most beautiful human on the planet”.

      Enjoy your happily ever after! :) x x x

  9. I definitely enjoy the snippets you share, and the obstacles you have conquered and are yet to conquer! Keep living the dream xx

  10. What a lovely post, this makes me smile!
    That little bit of re-assurance that jumping in, is worth it… I had my blog page set up a few months ago but kept it left of centre, as wasn’t sure how to even start, you have no audience what do you say???

    So I decided sporadically yesterday to just do it! 1st one down, has to be the hardest… right? well I guess time will tell…

    But I guess my intension are not to dissimilar, to fill the social interactive void that that didn’t exist before being a home mum…

    So cheers (with my drink of choice – Tea) to all us village women, sharing and re-affirming that it’s all perfectly normal! :-)

  11. Miss Pink says:

    I miss blogging so much. It can really be a nice way to reach out for some human interaction and gain connections and friendships.

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