Stills // {the ‘house of sick’ edition} // week 12









1 // Waiting for her evening bath.

2 // Always eating.  Always covered in food.

3 // He hasn’t day napped since he was 18 months old.  And so that’s how I knew he was sick.

4 // I know it’s basically a waste of time, because he destroys it within minutes, but … I’m a sucker for a made bed.

5 // Meet Marben, Podie, Keith, & Marben IV.  It’s safe to say, we’re a flat bear family.

6 // You know when it’s such a rare occasion that your kitchen is this clean, that you have to take a photo? Yea. That.

7 // We watched a lot of movies this week, courtesy of our ‘house of sick’.

8 // Goodbye Daddy.  Big squeezy hugs before Daddy rides to work every morning.

I’m joining in with Em from The Beetle Shack in her weekly stills collection.

I think I love my new camera.


  1. Beautiful photos Cherie and your house looks cool too, like the kitchen!

    • Raising Master Max says:

      Thanks Deb!

      I’ve been pulling out the camera so much lately, & I think it has everything to do with a sleeping baby, newfound mojo, & finding a SEMI groove as Mother to two, ha!


  2. Beautiful Cherie!

    There is something about manual mode isn’t there… I adore my new camera and I am positively KICKING myself for not getting it sooner… but c’est la vie…

    Hope every one is on the mend x

    • Raising Master Max says:

      Oh Tara,

      I feel the SAME!

      Wished I’d brought it out earlier! I feel bad that Frankie’s first 7 months of life are all granulated iPhone snaps, but … I was just chasing my tail every day with the crazy sleep deprivation we were all in.

      The fog is only JUST starting to lift :)


  3. You’re doing wonderful with that new camera of yours! And don’t be sorry about the iphone pics, any captured memory is better than none. I love the hugging photo, you can feel their warmth for each other x

    • Raising Master Max says:

      You know what?

      You’re so right hun!

      But gee it’s good to have some camera mojo back, as well as a few other things!


  4. _mrs_matthews_ says:

    Love these. Love Frankie’s squishy face, love your kitchen (I love black and white anything just about!!) and the photo of your boys hugging? Just amazing.

    Great photography skills!!

  5. My babes look much the same as Frankie after eating, and they always seem to be eating too. We’re also a family of flat bears, gifted to my twins at Christmas.
    I love, love your kitchen!
    I hope you are all feeling much better soon.

  6. Beautiful photos. :) Hope your house of sick clears up ASAP!

  7. Lovely!

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