Stills // {the ‘we’re home from sleep school’ edition} // week 11








1 // My week at sleep school with Frankie was the longest I’ve ever left him since he’s been born.  It killed me, but it had to be done.

2 // Baby gymnastics.

3 // Chubby thighed exploration.

4 // Giggles between siblings at dinner time.

5 // Since returning home from sleep school, I’ve been waking before the kids, & setting up art play.

6 // My Aunty came from the other side of Melbourne to look after Max while we were at sleep school, & she painted him this dragon.  His name is Monty.  And he is incredible.  But not as incredible as my Aunty is for everything she did for Max while I was off teaching sister Frankie the art of sleep.

7 // I picked this cabinet up from a buy/swap/sell page for a steal! I have big plans for it too.

I’m joining in with Em from The Beetle Shack in her weekly stills collection, because, … I’ve found my camera mojo again!

… now if I could just nail manual mode.


  1. My manual mode trick is to keep the aperture pretty open, that way you can use a fast shutter speed to capture the wiggling fast action! I’m guessing if it works for dogs, it would work for kids too :)

    • Raising Master Max says:


      Will have to have a play with that!

      I imagine children & dogs move at similar speeds? ;)

  2. Love love love Monty….was thinking Max painted it and was falling off my chair – #childgenius. What a gem that Aunt of yours.

    • Raising Master Max says:

      ha, oh Lordy!

      If Max painted Monty, I’d be shipping him off to genius skill ASAP ;)


  3. Love it.. life seems like it has done an about flip and I am so friggin’ happy for you :)

  4. Love these stills Cherie. xo

    Aren’t you a good mumma for setting up art activities! I must do something similar for my boys. xo

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