Chalk + cheese.

... // Max The other day, you spent a solid hour perfectly transforming your Transformers, & then lining them up in their perfect line, in your perfect little 3.10 year old world.  It doesn’t matter what you do, whether it be playing with your Lightning McQueen cars, play dough, dinosaurs, … [Read More...]


Happiest days.

What a week! For months & months now, little pieces of my life have just been getting better, happier.  And it’s not even that anything was unhappy before, but it’s just that I was so very well aware that I was in the thick of the incredibly … [Read More...]


Life lately.

I feel like it’s almost a trend, like … it's a “thing” now to talk about how busy you are these days? And the thing is when you talk about being busy, it’s like you almost go & somehow open yourself up to this weird, unspoken, but still totally … [Read More...]


The gifts that keep on giving.

... These children o' mine? They take my breath away with their deliciousness.  If I were a better photographer, I'd probably be able to capture all o' their deliciousness myself.  But y'see, the thing is I'm not, & so I outsourced this photo … [Read More...]


Why I write.

  A couple of months ago, I got tagged in that ‘why I write’ post that went viral around the Australian blogosphere (thanks Lisa & Tess), & I went & drafted up a post in my head, … which never quite made it to (virtual) paper, … [Read More...]


Because I’m happy.

At the moment, I can’t wipe the smile off my face.  Everything, & I mean everything is just falling into place. I’ve just returned from three days in Sydney for work, & I’m telling you now, … it didn’t feel anything like work! I mean, … [Read More...]



It's been a while since I've posted some stills, ... but then it's been a little while since I've picked up the camera. We lost our Nanny, & then work piled up, & then everything got too busy, & I got so stressed, & I really did … [Read More...]


Father’s Day.

I can vividly remember the first day my Father won full custody of my sister & I.  I think I was 5’ish, & my Nanna had to pick us up from whatever emergency foster care we’d been placed in at the time, & drive us interstate to our Dad’s … [Read More...]


Life with 3.9 year old & 13 month old you two.

  Max, you are 3.9 years old, & you are the joy in my every day! // the questions, my God, ... the questions! They never stop, & they require me to be on top of my A game, because you love asking questions you already know the … [Read More...]



Today I feel like life for me is about to dramatically improve. For 4-5 months now, life has been … unmanageable.  And I’ve been so busy with just desperately trying to keep up, that I haven’t been able to find an appropriate solution to all of … [Read More...]

Frankie's First Birthday Party 03-08-2014 -  0003

Frankie’s first birthday; a relaxed + simple affair.

I gave up trying to take photos at my own kids birthday parties a couple of birthday parties ago. I re-read that sentence, & I honestly think it must reek of first world privilege, but the thing is this, everyone has different priority settings … [Read More...]


Radio silence.

I’ve been radio silent lately.  Entirely unintentionally really, … but I’ve really just not been enjoying the internet, actually.  And so that’s just had me craving a whole lot o’ offline, as opposed to online. Perhaps it’s because I kinda work … [Read More...]



  Today I went & bought myself a Mum. Look, I can mostly get through this Mothering gig as a Motherless Mother, but it’s when I get sick that I really feel it. And now I’m riddled with flu, & tonsillitis, & conjunctivitis, … [Read More...]



Max’s first birthday? Wa-hay-haaaaay too over the top.  I guess we were just so chuffed that we’d made it through the first twelve months of parenting, & managed to come out alive, … & so we subsequently invited every Tom, Dick & Harry to … [Read More...]



I’m not going to say that I can’t believe you are one, & how the last year has flown, because the truth is, … when you woke every forty-five minutes overnight for five months straight? I really actually did believe that we were in some kind of … [Read More...]