Life lately.

I feel like it’s almost a trend, like … it's a “thing” now to talk about how busy you are these days? And the thing is when you talk about being busy, it’s like you almost go & somehow open yourself up to this weird, unspoken, but still totally there “busy”-off competition between you & the … [Read More...]


The gifts that keep on giving.

... These children o' mine? They take my breath away with their deliciousness.  If I were a better photographer, I'd probably be able to capture all o' their deliciousness myself.  But y'see, the thing is I'm not, & so I outsourced this photo … [Read More...]


Why I write.

  A couple of months ago, I got tagged in that ‘why I write’ post that went viral around the Australian blogosphere (thanks Lisa & Tess), & I went & drafted up a post in my head, … which never quite made it to (virtual) paper, … [Read More...]


Because I’m happy.

At the moment, I can’t wipe the smile off my face.  Everything, & I mean everything is just falling into place. I’ve just returned from three days in Sydney for work, & I’m telling you now, … it didn’t feel anything like work! I mean, … [Read More...]



It's been a while since I've posted some stills, ... but then it's been a little while since I've picked up the camera. We lost our Nanny, & then work piled up, & then everything got too busy, & I got so stressed, & I really did … [Read More...]


Father’s Day.

I can vividly remember the first day my Father won full custody of my sister & I.  I think I was 5’ish, & my Nanna had to pick us up from whatever emergency foster care we’d been placed in at the time, & drive us interstate to our Dad’s … [Read More...]


Life with 3.9 year old & 13 month old you two.

  Max, you are 3.9 years old, & you are the joy in my every day! // the questions, my God, ... the questions! They never stop, & they require me to be on top of my A game, because you love asking questions you already know the … [Read More...]



Today I feel like life for me is about to dramatically improve. For 4-5 months now, life has been … unmanageable.  And I’ve been so busy with just desperately trying to keep up, that I haven’t been able to find an appropriate solution to all of … [Read More...]

Frankie's First Birthday Party 03-08-2014 -  0003

Frankie’s first birthday; a relaxed + simple affair.

I gave up trying to take photos at my own kids birthday parties a couple of birthday parties ago. I re-read that sentence, & I honestly think it must reek of first world privilege, but the thing is this, everyone has different priority settings … [Read More...]


Radio silence.

I’ve been radio silent lately.  Entirely unintentionally really, … but I’ve really just not been enjoying the internet, actually.  And so that’s just had me craving a whole lot o’ offline, as opposed to online. Perhaps it’s because I kinda work … [Read More...]



  Today I went & bought myself a Mum. Look, I can mostly get through this Mothering gig as a Motherless Mother, but it’s when I get sick that I really feel it. And now I’m riddled with flu, & tonsillitis, & conjunctivitis, … [Read More...]



Max’s first birthday? Wa-hay-haaaaay too over the top.  I guess we were just so chuffed that we’d made it through the first twelve months of parenting, & managed to come out alive, … & so we subsequently invited every Tom, Dick & Harry to … [Read More...]



I’m not going to say that I can’t believe you are one, & how the last year has flown, because the truth is, … when you woke every forty-five minutes overnight for five months straight? I really actually did believe that we were in some kind of … [Read More...]


Where for art thou, mojo?

It would appear that I’ve lost my mojo.  As in, all of the mojo’s; my Mama mojo, my wifey mojo, my cooking mojo, my cleaning mojo, my writing mojo, my photo takin’ mojo, … all of the mojo’s that make me, well, … me.  I’m really tired, just … … [Read More...]


How Stella got her groove back.

I’m actually almost scared to even say it, but, ahem, … I’ve been finding a tiny smidge of groove lately??? Now, when I say I’ve found a tiny smidge of groove, I mean it’s literally the tiniest glimmer of groove.  Actually it’s not even that, it’s … [Read More...]