Making money by, … not making money.

I started this little blog when Max was 7 months old.  There were so many reasons why I felt like I both wanted & needed to blog, but I guess it all primarily came down to the fact that I actually just love to write.  I mean, if I didn’t like to write, well then I probably wouldn’t still be … [Read More...]


Surrendering to mess.

I’ve lived out of home since I was 17, maybe 18 years old? And it’s not that life with my Dad was even bad, or warranted leaving home that young, it’s just that I’m, well … fiercely independent.  I always have been, & I likely always will be, … [Read More...]


Sunday stills. The “Life Lately” edition.

I've been picking up the camera again, not really worrying about, or necessarily striving for "perfect" photos, ... because the thing is, I'm not a professional.  And so instead, I'm just settling for capturing life.  Our life.  The kids, our house, … [Read More...]


Ten randoms about Cherie.

  I was recently tagged by Peggy from Peggy Saas Photography in one of those ’10 random facts about me’ posts, & so I thought to myself, well now, … what a nice opportunity to sit down & think about ten entirely random things … [Read More...]

The Social Playground Workshop - 0561

Stills. The “life’s been good lately” edition.

I haven't used my SLR in just over two months.  I guess I just hit a most frustrating "I suck at manual mode/I can't capture my children's movement without significant blur/I don't really know what flipping ISO to change to in different light versus … [Read More...]


Life with 3.11 year old & 15 month old you (two).

// Max In less than a month, … you’ll be four.  Four.  How did that happen?! When I began writing this blog, you were seven’ish months, & we were just beginning to emerge from the depths of your reflux hell.  And your reflux was hell.  I … [Read More...]

The Social Playground Workshop - 0567

The first day of play at The Social Playground.

It's funny.  For a few years now, I've managed the social media needs of other people.  And I swear to God, their social media is like my third baby.  I joke with Tess about how DTLL is like her 3rd baby, & then I'm just the proud, … [Read More...]


Well done, Mama!

  Yesterday I spoke on my blog about some of the less prettier things in my life at the moment, like ... a whole lot o' solo parenting, navigating brand new nearly-4-year-old tantrums, referee'ing all day long sibling fights, stepping … [Read More...]

The Social Playground Workshop - 0570

These are the non-pretty years.

I haven’t blogged in three weeks! Gosh I’ve missed it, but between launching The Social Playground, managing the social media for DTLL, continued busy days with our continuously shrieky Frankie, & now? Our perpetually “easy” kid Max, who has … [Read More...]


Chalk + cheese.

... // Max The other day, you spent a solid hour perfectly transforming your Transformers, & then lining them up in their perfect line, in your perfect little 3.10 year old world.  It doesn’t matter what you do, whether it be playing with … [Read More...]


Happiest days.

What a week! For months & months now, little pieces of my life have just been getting better, happier.  And it’s not even that anything was unhappy before, but it’s just that I was so very well aware that I was in the thick of the incredibly … [Read More...]


Life lately.

I feel like it’s almost a trend, like … it's a “thing” now to talk about how busy you are these days? And the thing is when you talk about being busy, it’s like you almost go & somehow open yourself up to this weird, unspoken, but still totally … [Read More...]


The gifts that keep on giving.

... These children o' mine? They take my breath away with their deliciousness.  If I were a better photographer, I'd probably be able to capture all o' their deliciousness myself.  But y'see, the thing is I'm not, & so I outsourced this photo … [Read More...]


Why I write.

  A couple of months ago, I got tagged in that ‘why I write’ post that went viral around the Australian blogosphere (thanks Lisa & Tess), & I went & drafted up a post in my head, … which never quite made it to (virtual) paper, … [Read More...]


Because I’m happy.

At the moment, I can’t wipe the smile off my face.  Everything, & I mean everything is just falling into place. I’ve just returned from three days in Sydney for work, & I’m telling you now, … it didn’t feel anything like work! I mean, … [Read More...]